Go Dog LA is committed to the safety, health, and happiness of all the pups that come here to play.
Best buds at Go Dog LA day care

Before you check your dog in

for daycare or overnight boarding, each of the following requirements must be met. This assures a safe and fun environment for all of our dogs.

Step 1: Sign the agreement and waiver

This agreement is an important part of the entrance tour & temperament test process. We require a completed agreement before your dog is introduced to our cage-free doggie play areas-- It helps us get to know your dog just a little bit!

You must review & complete our client agreement ahead of time. The agreement is provided here as a downloadable PDF, which you can print out and email back to us.

Step 2: Proof of vaccinations

Proof of current vaccine records for rabies, DHLPP (Distemper, Hepatitis, Leptospirosis, Para Influenza, Parvovirus), and Bordetella (kennel cough) is mandatory. The Bordetella vaccine needs to be updated every 6 months, which is standard in most boarding and/or daycare facilities.  Please be sure to send proof of these vaccinations prior to your screening interview.

Step 3: Temperament test

We do a screening interview with your dog to be sure that he/she will do well in the cage-free environment. Dogs can be grumpy as long as they're not dangerous! Although we do our best to pre-screen each dog; you, the owner, know your dog's temperament best. If you suspect, even slightly, that he/she may have a problem being in a group of interactive dogs; Go Dog LA is probably not a good fit.  Please note that interviews are by appointment only so please call us to set up a time just for you and your dog.

You must complete the first two steps before we will schedule a temperament test.

Additional conditions for admission

Spayed or neutered (unless under 6 months of age)

Your dog must be spayed or neutered if he or she is 6 months of age or older. Please bring spay/neuter certificate to your screening interview.

On flea and tick control

We do a flea/tick check - all dogs should be on an anti-flea & tick program. 

Space and availability

We generally do not require that you make a reservation for daycare most days of the year.  If you haven't been to Go Dog LA in some time, it is best to call us and make sure we have current vaccination records on file as we cannot admit any dog into daycare without proof of vaccinations.  For boarding, we request that you call in advance to make a reservation, at that time we will check our records to be sure that we have your dog's vaccinations up to date.  We do fill up on major holidays so please try to call in advance and reserve a spot for your pup!